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September 2012


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This is a very cute, fun, and inspiring way to encourage healthy eating at lunchtime with kids! I love all of the information that you gave here-I agree: when I see the photos it does look like it's hard, but you have convinced me otherwise. I'll definitely be giving this a try for my little one! ~thanks so much for sharing! :)


Hi there Makeba! Yeah, I am so busy I would just immediately think "That's cute, but who has time for all that?" It really is just about taking baby steps and trying just one crafty thing each time and letting the rest of the lunch be just regular stuff. As long as it's colorful then that really does all the work for you. Before you know it, you will be doing more than you ever thought because I'ts just plain fun too and I get personal gratification. I'm also paying more attention to what I buy my kids to eat and I find myself wanting to buy more healthy and go to farmers markets more too. The presentation truly makes a difference for my kids. I'm seeing them eat certain fruits and veggies that they would never want to try before. It's really a win win! Thanks for giving it a shot! Thanks so much for leaving a comment too! Let me know how it turns out and if you get any new ideas!

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