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January 2012


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Tamarra Barnett

That was cute! That was a lot... I understand fully! Love ya!


I wish I was the productive by 10:30 am!


Happy New Year to you!! As Moms we are the ones that always carry a million random thoughts at any given time (and doing a million things at once, too!) lol ~Thanks for sharing!


Lol...it's definitely hit or miss! That particular morning the hubby wanted to hurry up and do his part before his game came on so that was totally in my favor! Thx for stopping by to leave a comment Kim. I so appreciate it!


Thx sis! I know you can relate...lol...it's just one thing after another and it seems like it never ends, but there are always those little treats along the way to make you smile and make you lighten up.


Thank you Melisa! Yes the random thoughts are pretty much a daily thing for me...lol. I so appreciate your comment! Happy New Year to you too!

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