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January 2012


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U have covered quite a bit. Let's not forget about the, I'm going to live through u, intro "Vicarious Mom". Pushing her kids to be everything she wanted to be... all the while convinced, it's what's best for the kids. She means well.... I think??


I love this post!!! Loving the images that you used for each description too!! ~I am both the "Extra-Busy Mommy" (hence the self-proclaimed title, "TheBusyMom" lol) and the "Soccer-Mommy". I think I just a have a little bit of some of those other 'Mommy types' blended in there, too! LOL ~Thanks so much for sharing!

Martha Giffen

I am laughing out loud!! My youngest is now 21 BUT I was a combo of some of those types back in the day! And, of course, MET many of the others along the way!

I didn't see the "dumb" mom. The one who always goes, "not my kid!" Yeah, right.

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